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We have invested in the past so that we can experience the future in the present

About us

The SZS Cultural, Industrial and Commercial Ltd. is a business company with more than 10 years of history. The continuously and dynamically developing company, in the initial period, focused mainly on the hospitality areas.

In 2015, recognizing the possibilities offered by the market segment and the needs of the meeting, he expanded its activities through concert and event organisation.

In the next year, in other fields related to culture, he has put up his contacts, with quality, book and disc editions added to the Portfolio list.

from the middle of 2017, the company expanded its services in musicand started to build its unique studio, CD audio and production studios, in Drávakeresztúr, internationally.

At almost the same time, with the applicant’s needs, he began to expand his activity, started his industrial and trading business. Focused primarily on the construction areas and their associated service and trade opportunities.


It is characterised by today’s many-standing companies and their full range of professional and effective working activities.

 The company’s unbroken development is shown by the almost unprecedented revenue and economic data , which in the recent period has steadily doubled annually.

In 2015, 700 million HUF revenue, 2016, 1.4 billion HUF, while the turnover of 2017 was above 3 billion.

At the same time, the number of workers employed dynamically increased twice a year, like turnover. In 2017, the 57 employees reached the same staff.


The company has become one of the most decisive players in the field of concert and event management, as it supports and manages most of the most prominent, popular artists in Hungary, and organizes their performances, concerts and performances.

The company owned the nearly 200 million HUF estimated business value,koncert.huA website that is one of the main communications and activities of the Hungarian pop music.


In the past year, special new areas have been set up, one of the flagship companies of Mongolia’s economic contact and work. One of its exciting elements was the organisation and the coordination of the background work of a water conference.

In the area of the Csepel works, the industrial areas were reinforced, with the effective job creation programme in mind, the construction of metal grinding and metalworking business.

The sales and sales system has been integrated into the successful and popular gusto Brandy brand, as well as the brandful wine and beverage of the Harzó family and the Alepa product family.

This year, in addition to the efficient development of the construction business, significant progress has been expected in the areas of Venice’s industrial park and electric car manufacturing projects.

It provides a similar evolving trend and provides outstanding opportunities for project management and system integration through online assistance and consulting and monitoring.

The company pays particular attention to the promotion of cultural and artistic values, the involvement and interconnection of these territories with the business and economic spheres.

One of the most useful examples of this is the cultivation of the Hungarian language, the promotion of children’s literature, the opening , organization, and funding of the inverted world in the family.


in this year’s years, the company’s main goal is to build on the national cultural, industrial and commercial values, using modern trends and innovation systems, to create a vision that can already be used in the everyday present Sustainable, creating a world that is livable, development and value-making, while respecting the principles of economic development, profit-making and efficient operation.

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Sándor Sasvári

Sándor Sasvári

Co-owner, singer and actor



Hungarian Electric Vehicle Association

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SZS Cultural, Industrial and Commercial Ltd.

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